Rob Fairley

If I had to choose just one thing...


I'm a songwriter and working software developer in the greater Toronto-Hamilton area.

My working days are spent developing software for publishing brands at St Joseph Communications (formerly Rogers Media) where I help design and implement solutions to acute business and technical problems in a changing media landscape.

However, my passions are in music and I'm striving to bring that together with something useful for others. To that end I'm working on software that will be open sourced for use by independent artists/record labels/distributors and currently producing an EP funded in part by FACTOR.

I grew up in a small town and love the outdoors. After spending roughly the past decade in central Toronto, I recently made the move out to Dundas, Ontario for a little more nature in my daily life.

There's a bit more to my past, and I'm hopeful for the future. For either of those, I think we'd be better off talking.